PhunnMakers UNiTE

ZIZ News…Nov. 24, 2010 – PhunnMakers Mas Camp has joined forces with the United Nations Secretary General’s Campaign to End Violence against Women by raising awareness through their all-inclusive fete, dubbed PhunnMakers Night Mas. This ‘coming together’ which is slated for Friday, 17th December, 2010, at 9 pm at Port Zante Terminal is being hailed as a “feel good, do good” event of the season with extensive positive vibrations.

A line-up of artiste whose calypsos have focused on the theme Violence against Women and Women Empowerment have already been contracted which includes Socrates, Astro, Venus, Masud Sadiki and Konris alongside a special guest artiste. The musical entertainment will be region’s number one DJ Ronnie Rascal and the Asylum Sound System.

A selection of Caribbean culinary delights will be featured on the buffet stations coupled with selected premium drinks from our partners, and special local treats.

Entrance to this event is by ticket only available from PhunnMakers executives while a limited number of VIP tables will be available on a first come first reserved basis. The dress code is elegantly casual with dancing shoes, so come prepared to party the night away.

PhunnMakers Mas Camp is currently the longest running carnival mas camp. Its philosophy is authentic Kittitian while expressing creative pageantry in a kaleidoscope of cultural elements. Founded ten (10) years ago, the group is preparing to stage its milestone production for this year’s national carnival in December. Coming out of a second place showing for last carnival, a third place position for our debut in Culturama, and followed closely by another first presentation in Leeds Carnival, PhunnMakers has truly become an international force.

Our 2010 – 2011 presentation is entitled ‘De Calypso Legend’ as a tribute to our very own King Ellie Matt. The mas camp, the Phunn Spot is located at the corner of Kim Collins Highway and Frigate Bay Road and is the Friday Night action area for pre-carnival events.

Teaming up with the UNiTE Campaign, are other sponsors Carib Brewery; Brimley Gold and Grace Tropical Rhythms through their agent, OD Brisbane; Digicel; ZIZ Radio and Television, SKN Vibes, and Sunshines Beach Lounge.

The PhunnMakers Mas Camp takes this opportunity to extend joyous season’s greetings to everyone and issues a clarion call for a violent free Christmas and Carnival 2010-2011.

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