Pink Lily Cancer Care needs your help…to knock out cancer

PinkLilyWalkAThonFlyer2014Charlestown, Nevis — Pink Lily Cancer Care is seeking sponsorship to be able to host its Know the Signs walkathon on Saturday 18th October 2014 to raise awareness of the signs and symptoms of cancer and to raise funds to help open the Pink Lily Cancer Awareness and Support Centre.

In 2013, over 400 persons participated in the charity’s annual walkathon. Pink Lily is optimistic that over 500 persons will register. Pink Lily needs sponsors to help purchase 535 t-shirts. Pink Lily is appealing to sponsors to facilitate the charity to purchase items to prepare breakfast and refreshments for those who participate in the walkathon. Also required are banners, posters, advertising and printing material.

The categories of sponsorship are bronze, Silver, Gold and platinum.

Pink Lily is seeking prize items for first man, first woman, first child, oldest and youngest participants.

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