Pink Lily ready to offer free mammograms to another 100 women

Lydia Claxton a Sports Coordinator with Education Department, Nevis was diagnosed with breast cancer when she participated in Pink Lily’s Breast Screening Programme, first phase.

CHARLESTOWN, Nevis, November 27, 2011 Another 100 women from Nevis stand to benefit from free mammograms during the second phase of the charity’s Breast Screening Program, thanks to well wishers and sponsors who have participated in Pink Lily Cancer Care’s fund raising activities.

Interested women can pick up application forms from health centres, doctors clinics and Alexander Hospital. The forms can also be emailed on request.

According to the charity’s support coordinator, Tracy Parris, the cost of the 100 mammograms will be EC25,000. Each mammogram will cost Pink Lily EC250. This money has been raised through 2010 and 2011 fund raising activities, walkathons, Tristar’s 5k WalK-Run, Beyond Cancer (UK donation), Cape Air sponsorship and Credit Union donation among others.

During the first phase of the Breast Screening Program 100 women were screened . Out of these women, a Netball icon and Sports Coordinator with Education department Nevis, was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. She has since received treatment and is back to her normal duties on the island.

According to the St. Kitts and Nevis Director of Medical Services, Dr Patrick Martin, in 2010 alone, 100 persons were diagnosed with cancer. .

“The good news is that approximately 40 per cent of cancers are potentially preventable,” according to information sought by Pink Lily founder, Lea Parris-Cambridge, who is a breast cancer survivor. She is on record saying that the charity which she launched nearly 4 years ago on February 9th 2008, has created awareness of all cancers to help the public know the value of early screening. She constantly repeats in her public lectures that “Cancer is not the death sentence it was known to be”.

Pink Lily Executive Director said the mammograms will be conducted at Dr Mark Hodge’s clinic in St. Kitts ( as with phase 1 of the programme), adding that women who apply for the Pink Lily program, receive pre counseling – an education and awareness presentation about breast care, cancer and mammograms and is an opportunity for women to share their concerns and have their questions answered. Post-counselling guidance and support relating to diagnosis, treatment and recovery is offered to any women who are diagnosed with cancer.

Having been faced with both her mother and sisters diagnosis with cancer within 2 weeks of each other and the fear, anxiety, concern and relief that she felt, Tracy Parris, Pink Lily’s Support Coordinator, has been able to use her own personal experience to support Pink Lily clients and their families who are faced with cancer.

Lea Cambridge-Parris, the Founder of Pink Lily Cancer Care and the charity’s Executive Director

“Pink Lily has consulted widely with the medical personnel in the Federation to organize the Breast Screening Programme, Lea Parris-Cambridge noted.” We have had one to one consultations with private and government doctors to see how best we can assist women at risk of getting breast cancer.

The women will be recommended for mammograms through their physicians or through direct contact with Pink Lily. Women who go for mammograms through the Pink Lily coordinated BSP will complete an application form that has been evaluated by several medical personnel in the Federation,” Lea Parris-Cambridge, said. Pink Lily has in the past provided financial support as a result of public appeals, events and donations to women in the Federation who have been diagnosed with breast cancer and cervical cancer.

The targeted amount the charity set to raise in order to screen 200 women was EC50,000 when the campaign was launched. This solely pays for the mammogram screening provided by Dr Hodge. This has not included the literature and educational material to provide to the 200 women or the administration costs to organize coordinate and promote the campaign.

“Pink Lily continues to appeal for support and donation for the programme as it needs to raise a further $20,000 for the next 5 months of phase 2 administration associated costs, printing costs for application forms, literature and educational material for the remaining 100 women, phone calls to book and confirm appointments, fare assistance, to hire a part time coordinator the programme to ensure it runs smoothly, professionally, and efficiently and to televise the campaign in order to reach as many homes and women as possible,” Lea Cambridge-Parris said.

She said the charity relies on volunteer help, donations, community fundraising, funding and sponsorship to provide its services free to its clients. “I thank all those who have donated to the charity to date and strongly encourage every business, establishment, organization, church, school and individual to continue financially supporting Pink Lily during campaigns and help reduce the cancer related deaths in Nevis and St. Kitts.”

“We never know when cancer will strike, it could be anyone at any time, regardless of who you are, where you come from, how much money you have, or whether you are young or old,” the founder of Pink Lily said. “We extend a hand of help, comfort, strength and hope to those in need, those who don’t know where else to turn and we will offer support services in the strictest confidence to all,” she said.

To talk with someone in confidence, for more information about applying for the Breast screening programme, to make a donation, sponsor a campaign or to find out how you can organize a fundraising event for Pink Lily, email: or or call 6643306 and 6648360.

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