Planning Group Meets to Chart the Way Forward for ZBC

(ZIZ News) — The country’s biggest media firm, ZIZ Broadcasting Corporation, under the leadership of a new Board of Directors, is re-evaluating its strategic plan.

Representatives of ZBC’s Board, managers and department heads, former employees, personnel from other media houses and members of the private sector gathered in the conference room of the Ocean Terrace Inn on Thursday night for a three-hour in depth planning session.

That session commenced at 7pm with remarks by the company’s General Manager, Clement O’Garro who acknowledged the need for constant change, but affirmed his company’s importance to the country.

“Encouraging participation is therefore key to the survival of media outlets in a competitive marketplace while also providing an opportunity to engage with audiences. From an audience perspective, it means that it can influence the content in a very proactive way and it enables individuals to access a readymade platform through which they can share their opinions. And, that’s why we’re here tonight. We’re soliciting opinions because we realise that ZIZ is a very important brand,” he said

Recently appointed Chairman of the ZBC Board of Directors, Douglas Wattley led the discussions. However, in his opening remarks, Wattley said it is important for the company’s staff to be part of the restructuring exercise.

“I believe that your input in any discussion to help chart the future of ZBC is so critically important that I couldn’t bring you here and not invite you to share, share your own vision, your expertise and your experience and for that reason, we invited some of the retired persons, Some of the past employees of ZBC or ZIZ for that matter to come and share with us,” he said.

While official announcements have not yet been made, Chairman Wattley has advised that several changes will be rolled out in the not too distant future. These changes, he said, will ensure that ZIZ remains competitive and sustainable.

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