Plans for Eat Local Day 2015 Underway

(ZIZ News) — Preparations are underway for the 2015 staging of the Department Of Agriculture’s “Eat Local Day”.

Marketing Officer, Alphonso Clarke spoke with ZIZ about this year’s staging and what can be expected.

He said, “Eat Local Day is all about promoting our local produce. Anything that’s made locally, anything that’s produced locally, it’s all about promoting it. There definitely is the need to promote it. You can just take a look at our import bill and you realise how high it is. And that speaks for itself. We’re not eating sufficient local produce.”

He said this year there will also be a special treat for the fans of “tree mutton”.

“One of the things that would be interesting about this year’s Eat Local Day is that last year, there were a lot of complaints about the tree mutton that we ran out of. This year, we’re actually going to have caterers who are only catering for tree mutton. And that is something that I think the locals can look forward to having,” he said.

Clarke noted that the event becomes more successful each year and this is confirmed by the increasing number of participants.

“Eat Local Day” takes place on June 26 at the Independence Square, beginning at 11 am.

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