Plans for Project STRONG

(ZIZ News) – Plans are underway to expand the work being done at Project STRONG.

Director Kerinda Warner told ZIZ that in 2016, they’ll be looking at increasing recruitment.

“We have noticed that there are a number of young people in our Federation who are not attending school. Even within our high school, we realise there are a lot of students who are not doing like 5, 6, or 7 subjects and they have lots of free time on their hands,’ she said.

Warner said they have gone to the various high schools and have asked the teachers “to allow us to have these students attend Project STRONG for at least one day a week where we teach them a skill.”

She stated that there are also plans to incorporate all of the trade schools in St. Kitts under one institution.

Under this initiative “Project STRONG, AVEC, and National Skills will come under one umbrella so we’ll have one trade school,” she said.

Warner noted that “instead of all of us just doing little pockets, we’ll just have one trade school where we’ll be able to properly service the community on a whole because we’ll have different areas and all the students can come to one institution and they can choose which areas they desire to do.”

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