Plans for Sugar Mas 43 Underway

(ZIZ)– This weekend marks the official end of Sugar Mas 42 and the carnival committee is already planning for Sugar Mas 43.

In an interview with ZIZ News, Chairman of the Carnival Committee Sylvester Anthony said that Sugar Mas 42 was “exceptional.”

He said, “The carnival was a great carnival…it was great in part because of increased participation but it was also great because of the safety and the security.”

Chairman Anthony believes that the committee now has to keep the standard it has set for itself.

“We are setting a high bar and we have to maintain that. We didn’t do everything well but we will be doing our post mortem very shortly…there are a few things that didn’t work out as we wanted and there are a few things that we wanted to do that we now know that we cannot do,” he added.

New plans for Sugar Mas 43 include an indoor venue and an early start to all events.

The program for Sugar Mas 43 will be released shortly.

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