Plans for Summer Residential Camp Underway

SharonCannonier-1ZIZ News — The Department of Youth Empowerment is currently finalizing plans for its 2014 Residential Summer Camp.

Intern at the Youth Department, Sharon Cannonier told ZIZ News that this year they’ve teamed up with the Republic of China (Taiwan) to give the children a more hands on approach to information technology.

“We’re trying to put them into that aspect where you can have that in the classroom, we have internet coming to the classroom and so on. So it’s just the matter that some persons don’t have the advantage of being computer literate so we’re giving them that opportunity and it can always help them with their studies when they have to assist them with their homework and stuff like that,” she explained.

Cannonier said the overall goal of the camp is to teach the children valuable skills and instil morals and values that will help them later on in life.

“If we do have kids that are at risk, we have now set a programme in place where we can assist them beyond the camp time that we do have them. It’s basically nurturing what we have, helping to instil morals in others that come from that background.”

The Department of Youth Empowerment Residential Summer Camp runs from the 13th to 27th July at the Beach Allen Primary School and is being held under the theme “Summer Camp 31, Securing Our Future with Creativity and Fun.”

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