Plans to Boost the Agriculture Sector

(ZIZ News) – Prime Minister, Hon. Dr. Timothy Harris says his government is taking steps to make Agriculture a more prominent part of the nation’s economy.

During a recent press conference, Dr. Harris said he does not believe enough is being done to push the sector, so he recently met with the Agriculture Minister to discuss the way forward.

“We share the same aspiration and vision of a dynamic agricultural sector. We share the view that despite all the talk on diversification we haven’t moved far enough. That is why it was interesting that one of the areas in which persons have sought assistance from our Fresh Start Programme is the area of poultry and meat,” the Prime Minister revealed.

Dr. Harris said there needs to be a review of the distribution of labour through the PEP programme.

“So instead of having persons working from 7 to nine-and-a-half and 7 to eight-and-a-half and making noise for pay which they haven’t earned that we have persons who are providing leadership with some of these men. Having them on their farms contribution and doing something constructive and productive for the country,” he said.

Dr. Harris said he has faith that Agriculture Minister, the Hon. Eugene Hamilton and his team will develop plans to move the sector forward for the benefit of the people.

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