Plans to Expand the Industrial Estates

(ZIZ News) – Minister responsible for International Trade and Commerce, the Hon. Lindsay Grant has announced plans to conduct a complete audit of the Industrial Estates in St. Kitts.

He said this became necessary as some new businesses look to set up operations in the Federation.

Addressing employees in the Manufacturing Sector at a recent forum, Minister Grant explained the objectives of the audit.

“I am aware that some of you would like to expand your operations, however, you are hindered by the lack of space for your expansion. We’ve also been approached by companies outside of St. Kitts to set up operations here and my ministry, in collaboration with the St. Kitts and Nevis Development Bank, is in the process of conducting an audit of the Industrial Estates in St. Kitts,” he stated.

“The information generated would be used to determine what land and factory spaces are available, the conditions of factories and the infrastructure as well,” he explained.

The Minister said he is also expected to complete his official tour of manufacturing plants in St. Kitts shortly, noting that these visits will help him better understand the needs of manufacturers.

He said, “Over the last several weeks, I have made visits to seven manufacturing companies and very soon, we would complete the process by visiting all the manufacturing operations in St. Kitts. The main objective of those visits is to get a fuller understanding or gain some firsthand knowledge of the operations of the various companies.”

“This would better enable me to make the required policy decisions that will facilitate the implementation of the (National Manufacturing) Strategy, ensuring that Government continues to provide the necessary support that would facilitate better market access and assurances to the operators in the sector,” Minister Grant added.

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