Plans Underway to Reconstruct Fisher’s Cooperative Building in Dieppe Bay

Basseterre, St. Kitts, February 17 2023 (Media & Communication Unit) — Hon. Samal Duggins, Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries, Marine Resources and Cooperatives, and  Acting Permanent Secretary, Miguel Flemming along with a team of technical staff visited the  Fisher’s Cooperative building in Dieppe Bay on Friday to further assess the damage caused by the  passage of Hurricane Irma in 2017.  

Director in the Department of Marine Resources, Dr. T Marc Williams and Acting Director in the  Department of Agriculture, Jeanelle Kelly were also present during the visit. 

While on site, Minister Duggins said that reconstruction of the building is necessary and added that  the facility will also be outfitted with a new ice machine that will aid in the preservation of fishers’  catch. 

Local fisherman, Darwin Francis spoke briefly to the Honourable Minister and explained the  significance of the building that once housed the Capisterre Fishing Marketing Supply Cooperative  and allowed fishers from neighbouring communities such as St. Pauls, Parson Ground, Newton  Ground and Saddlers to store and sell their fish caught at the Dieppe Bay fish landing site. 

Permanent Secretary Flemming said that the Ministry is looking to enhance the condition of the  building which is not only key for fishing but has been used as a social space for the wider and  neighbouring communities.  

The Dieppe Bay fish landing site is known for its most popular catches of lobster, dolphinfish, wahoo  and various reef fish. It is the only fish landing site that is protected by a reef.  

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