PM and Carty lay stepping stones in St. Peters

Basseterre, St. Kitts (SKNIS) — “You can be anything you want to be no matter your circumstance.” This was the central message as Prime Minister, the Right Honourable Denzil Douglas, accompanied by Minister of Education, Hon. Nigel Carty and community activist, Terrance Drew visited formative educational institutions in St. Peter’s Parish, Friday (May 09).

The visit was part of the Prime Minister’s island-wide tour to listen to views and concerns and learn more about developments in various sectors. On his first stop at the St. Peters Day Care Center, Prime Minister Douglas read to the pre-school class (ages 3-4), after singing popular children’s hymns like “Building up the Temple” and “I Am a Promise”. The story, called “Stepping Stones” featuring a group of animals who needed to use stones to cross a river illustrated the Prime Minister’s message to the children. “You must always remember that in life we all need a little bit of help to get from one place to another. I want you all to remember that and to ask for help when you need it and to help your friends as well.”

As he moved across the road to the Dean Glasford Primary School, the message became a strong urge for students to set their goals high and stay focused on achieving them. Using the example of Dr Terrance Drew, who attended that school, he visited every classroom and assured children that their dreams are in no way impossible to achieve if they believe in themselves. “Look at Dr Drew. He went to this school just like you. He sat in the same chair you’re sitting in right now. Now, he’s one of our country’s best doctors and is a very likely future parliamentarian. Now, who wants to be the next prime minister?” he asked, to a crowd of eager hands in the air.

The children also bravely asked the Prime Minister a host of questions like why they cannot vote under 18 and how long he plans to be leading the country, to which he responded, “I’m willing to continue to serve this nation as long as the people still wish for me to do so. And of course there are many bright young minds ready to take the wheel in due course.”

Minister Carty reminded a group of 6th graders that the government remains committed to giving them the start they need but the responsibility is ultimately theirs to use their education wisely. “While we have done our best to provide you all with the best teachers, infrastructure and other tools needed to help you learn, the power to become what you want lies in you,” he said. “Use your time here wisely, seize as many opportunities as you can and do not let this potential slip away from you”.

The school is currently going through a face-lift, which includes upgrades to its computer lab, the addition of a new mathematics center and a large vegetable garden, tended by People Employment Programme (PEP) workers and students.

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