PM Douglas condemns acts of violence by Timothy Harris’ PAM/PLP supporters

Basseterre, St. Kitts (CUOPM) – St. Kitts and Nevis’ Prime Minister the Right Hon. Dr. Denzil L. Douglas has called on supporters of his governing St. Kitts-Nevis Labour Party (SKNLP), not to be intimidated by recent attempts by supporters of Timothy Harris’ PAM/PLP to create confusion in St. Christopher 7 (Belle Vue to Ottley’s).

He was at the time responding to a female caller who expressed concern at recent events. The caller also condemned the slashing of tires of the cars of Labour supporters attending a Town Hall Meeting in Tabernacle by supporters of Harris’ PAM/PLP last week Thursday and an altercation between a Labour supporter and a political activist very close to Dr. Harris during a Rally in Molineux last Saturday.

“I think the allegations that she has made reference to are real. They are real allegations. I was in Tabernacle last week Thursday at a Town Hall meeting. It went very well. The Hall was packed of people from the Tabernacle area and from constituency #7 and other people who came in to give them their support. At the end of the meeting, despite attempts from the ‘way-way inside of the compound where the meeting was being held and after the meeting was finished and people went to their vehicles to go home, four vehicles had their tyres punctured,” said  Dr. Douglas in response to a caller to his weekly radio programme “Ask the Prime Minister.

He said the Labour Party supporters and others who came to the Town Hall Meeting to be educated on the policies and programmes for continuing in office and presenting to the good people of constituency #7, Dr. Vance Gilbert, who the government now recognizes and the people recognize as a true representative of the people of constituency #7.

“That is why at every opportunity again I emphasize to the people of constituency #7 that your true representative is Dr. Vance Gilbert,” said Prime Minister Douglas who pointed out that Dr. Harris, who was elected since 1993 on his St. Kitts-Nevis Labour Party ticker has abandoned the people who elected him.

“He has turned his back on you in the Parliament of our country. You elected him to go to Parliament to serve and look after your interests, but he doesn’t come. He comes only at every third sitting in order to be able to continue to collect his pay check. He is collecting a pay check on your behalf. You elected him, but he does not really come to Parliament to do anything. He comes at every third sitting in order to be able not be thrown out, for his seat not to be declared vacant by the Speaker, if he misses three successive meetings of the Parliament,” said Prime Minister Douglas.

Dr. Douglas added that the SKNLP’s new candidate, Dr. Vance Gilbert is ready to serve the interest of the people of Constituency #7.

“I was there in Tabernacle on Thursday. I was in Molineux on Saturday evening and a supporter of Timothy Harris attacked a key supporter of Vance Gilbert.

“That is wrong and it must continue to be wrong and the caller is right, she will not be intimidated and I say to the Labour supporters and the people of this country do not be intimidated. Never you be intimidated at all because you have a right to assemble, you have a right to support whoever you want to support, you have a right to turn away from supporting Timothy Harris and support Dr. Vance Gilbert because Harris has abandoned you for thirty pieces of silver. He has abandoned you. He has turned his back on you in Parliament and he has now for thirty pieces of silver, carried out the agenda of Lindsay Grant, Shawn Richards and PAM,” said Prime Minister Douglas, who further pointed out that Dr. Harris has become one of the co-Leaders of PAM.

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