PM Douglas thrilled about St.Kitts success in the 38th Leeward Island Debating Competition

Prime Minister, the Honorable Dr Denzil Douglas (file photo)

ZIZ News…March 2, 2010 – Prime Minister, the Honorable Dr Denzil Douglas is ecstatic about the overwhelming success of the St. Kitts team in the 38th edition of the Leeward Island Debating Competition.

Dr Douglas commended the accomplishment of the young debaters on his weekly radio programme, ‘Ask the PM.’

He says he is impressed that even in an era of numerous distractions; the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant debating team was successful in remaining focused and winning the competition with a total of 651 points. Prime Minister Douglas says “Would you believe that? In an era of so many distractions and so many toxic options, we really must commend the coaches, family and teachers who all did their part in keeping these young debaters focused and on track for these many months of rigorous practices and tireless preparations. Congratulations to the St.Kitts and Nevis teams; to them, well done.”

St. Kitts now leads the table with the most wins since the inception of the debating event. Dr Douglas says the debaters deserve to be honored for the contribution they have made to the already outstanding academic reputation of St.Kitts – Nevis.

During his radio programme, he encouraged nationals to give undue credit and recognition to the young debaters. The Prime Minister explained: “They have caused St.Kitts to be the first country or island in the Leeward Islands to have won the competition three times in a row, twice. They also caused St.Kitts to win its tenth Leeward Islands Debating Competition, more than any other country, any other island in the 38th year history of these competitions. These young people have truly outdone themselves. I am extremely proud to talk about their accomplishments.”

At the event, the St.Kitts team opposed the topic: ‘The rights ascribed to today’s children have resulted in a marked decline in the levels of discipline in the Caribbean.’

They proposed the topic: ‘When Caribbean heads of government sign agreements with controversial leaders, the outcome will be detrimental.’

The debating team for St.Kitts consisted of Kasim Queeley, who was adjudged the overall best speaker; Isalean Phillip; Xavienne-Roma Richardson; Patrice Harry and Ian Karr.

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