PM Harris appeals to parents and families to stand in the fight against crime

(ZIZ News) — Prime Minister and Minister of National Security, Dr. The Hon Timothy Harris is appealing to the public to take a stand in the fight against crime.

Prime Minister Harris addressed the topics of Crime and Law and Order while speaking at his monthly press conference on Wednesday July 27.

“We are mindful and the security leadership did remind us that the challenge to maintain law and order, the safety and security of our beloved federation resides clearly with all of us. The parents who are in their homes harbouring children who they know or ought to know are involved in criminal activity must take a stand in the interest of the safety and security of us all”, he stated.

The Prime Minister then advised the general public to assist in the removal of illegal firearms.

“We appeal to every member of the community to appreciate that the law enforcement agencies cannot do it alone. You know where some of the guns are hidden, in whose backyard… we appeal to you to provide that information to some responsible person who would take it to the appropriate source”, the Prime Minister said.

Dr. Harris also noted that new initiatives will be enforced to restore safety and security throughout the Federation.

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