PM Harris Applauds Fire Officers’ Fire Safety And Prevention Outreach In Communities

BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS, November 23, 2020 (MMS-SKN) — Fire Officers in the Tabernacle District who are currently on a fire safety and fire prevention drive in the communities have been praised by Prime Minister and Minister of National Security, Dr the Hon Timothy Harris, who had joined them for worship at the Wesleyan Holiness Church in Molineux on Sunday November 22.


“I want to congratulate the Fire Officers who are here celebrating and worshiping,” said Prime Minister Harris. “I was particularly impressed with the outreach efforts of the Fire Officers under the leadership of Fire Sub Officer Davron Clarke.”


The fire safety and fire prevention drive by officers of the St. Kitts and Nevis Fire and Rescue Services in the Tabernacle District based at the Tabernacle Police Station which covers the area between Parsons Ground to Ottleys, is being held simultaneously with one in the Sandy Point District.


“We hope that they continue to do good work to help us firstly to keep ourselves safe, and also if there is a need for their intervention it will be early, and that it will save lives,” observed the Honourable Prime Minister. “An important part of the job of the fire officers is not just to do with fire prevention, fire containment etc. but also search and rescue, and this is a critical aspect of their work that we have to communicate more about.”


The Fire Officers who were led by Fire Sub Officer Davron Clarke had joined the leadership and membership of the Wesleyan Holiness Church in Molineux for the worship service which was led by Pastor Ericson Cumberbatch, who also serves as the Chaplain of the Royal St. Christopher and Nevis Police Force.


“So I hope as Officer Clarke and his team go into the schools, going to the various alleyways and byways, they sell the full work that fire officers are involved in and encourage others to come forward to provide the service,” said Prime Minister Harris.


According to Sub Fire Officer Davron Clarke, the fire safety and fire prevention drive which started last week will continue this week. For the purpose of the drive, the Tabernacle District has been divided into three zones; from Parsons Ground to Harris’, from Bellevue to Christchurch, and from Bourryeau to Ottleys.


“We have embarked upon a fire prevention/fire safety drive within the district where we will be going out as Fire and Rescue Services members educating the residents in each community about safety and the way in which we can keep you safe while you are at home,” Sub Fire Officer Clarke told the congregation.


He added: “You have been seeing us over the past week and we will be continuing our drive coming this week and we will be going to each and every member and resident’s home, knocking on your doors, asking you all to come out and let us know of some of the issues that you are facing. We are your friends – we are looking for your support.”


He observed that when they visit homes in the communities, they are educating the residents about installation of smoke detectors which are very important to save their lives and to alert them very early in an event of a fire in their home. The officers are also educating the residents on the importance of a fire extinguisher and advising them to acquire one, noting it is their job to protect the residents and to ensure that all are safe.


“Fire officers, we are your friends,” he said. “We are here to protect you – we are here to serve you and we are here to ensure that you all are safe. That is our mandate, and our mandate clearly is fire prevention and fire safety. So when you see us in your neighbourhood please welcome us.”


Last week the officers visited the Mary Charles Hospital in Molineux, the Tabernacle Day Care, Tabernacle Post Office, and the Sylvia Garnette Primary Health Care Facility in Tabernacle. This week they will visit the Joshua Obadiah William Primary School in Molineux and the Violet Petty Primary School in Lodge even as they go into the communities.


“Come on out, give us your support, give us your advice – take our suggestions forward and we will assure you that all the residents within the community will be safe,” appealed Sub Fire Officer Clarke. “We want to see a reduction in fires, not that we do not want any work – we want to see a reduction in fires and ensure that you all continue to live happily and safe within your home.”

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