PM Harris Hails Parents In Number Six For Being Visible In The Lives of Their Children

BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS, September 6, 2020 (PLP PR Media Inc.) — Ambassador His Excellency Kevin ‘Ninky’ Williams held a well-attended and successful Back-2-School event on Saturday September 5 where he distributed school supplies and snacks to pupils of the four primary schools in Constituency Number Six.

The school supplies distribution held at the Newton Ground, St. Paul’s, Dieppe Bay, and Saddlers Primary Schools was well attended by students and their parents, and Prime Minister Dr the Timothy Harris who came to lend support to Ambassador Williams praised parents in Constituency Number Six for being visible in the lives of their children.

“I want to congratulate Ambassador Kevin Williams for taking the initiative today, and to ensure that the students from Number Six who will be going out to school next week, are better equipped to do so,” said Prime Minister Harris who assisted in the distribution of school supplies at the Saddlers Primary School.

He noted that the distribution of satchels, exercise books, and several other educational supplies would be beneficial as it would take that expenditure off the parents and significant adults in the lives of the children. The act would at the same time incentivise the children as they will be put in a better frame of mind regarding going back to schools which open on Monday September 7, but the students will report on Wednesday September 9.

“I want to thank the young people of Number Six who have given tremendous support to this initiative to Ambassador Williams for coming out today, and organising for the large turnout we have had everywhere which tells us that this programme is one which has high demand,” commented Dr Harris. “It meets the felt needs of the people and we will want it to go stronger and better year after year.”

The Prime Minister thanked the organisers of the Back-2-School activity who assisted Ambassador Williams in organising such a highly successful event which was not only attended by the students, but their parents as well who ensured that the children came out and took part, which he noted was as a good sign.

“Based on the science, the more parents are involved in the educational life of their children the more interested the students are,” observed Prime Minister Harris. “So we need to see parents visible at every function of the school, at its assembly when this is permissible, the sports field, and at the PTA meetings. All these activities, in which parents are engaged help enthuse children to learning more; learning more quickly and having a more satisfying experience.”

Ambassador Williams who is Team Unity’s caretaker for Constituency Number Six and who ran in the June 5 General Election was one of the three Peoples Labour Party (PLP) candidates, the others being Prime Minister Dr the Hon Timothy Harris in Number Seven, and Minister of Health the Hon Akilah Byron-Nisbett in Number Three. Prime Minister Harris is the National Political Leader of the Peoples Labour Party.

“We know over the past months it has been a troubling time for the most people of the constituency and St. Kitts and Nevis in general, because of Covid-19 and the cut back on work so the finances and everything is a bit challenging for some parents,” said Ambassador Kevin Williams. “My team and I we decided it will be a good gesture if we could get together and muster some back to school supplies for the children of the primary schools and going onwards, which will help to build a strong and safer future.”

He thanked his team, which is led by Mrs Sylvia Williams-Francis who along with Ms Verneen Rawlins, Mr Calvin Leader and others worked hard to ensure the event was the success it was. He also thanked teachers at the four primary schools for lending support to the effort and making the school premises available.

“We were blessed and graced with the appearance of our Prime Minister who joined me here to show his support in distributing the packages and to let the kids know that the whole government is with them supporting them, and that is very good,” said Ambassador Williams. Also helping with the distribution of school supplies and snacks to the students was Deputy Speaker, Senator the Hon Dr Bernicia Nisbett.

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