PM: No plans for political ties with China

ZIZ Newsroom, Basseterre, May 15, 2012

Prime Minister The Right Hon Dr Denzil Douglas has said that the government has no plans to pursue a political relationship with mainland China.

When asked about pursuing a relationship with the emerging economy of China, Dr Douglas said he is satisfied with the relationship with Republic Of China-Taiwan.

“We believe that there are mutual benefits (with Taiwan). We believe that even though China is an emerging world economy, and has great potential, we believe that we can benefit from whatever China has to offer through our relationship with Taiwan,” he said.

He noted however, that the government is open to a business relationship with China.

“We have had Chinese in our country being engaged in construction activities,” he said. “We have Chinese investors who are here in St.Kitts-Nevis. We have no problem with that, and so we will continue, as much as possible, to make it possible for Chinese investment or Taiwanese investment to grow and develop in St.Kitts-Nevis.”

The prime minister was speaking during Tuesday morning’s edition of “Ask the PM” on ZIZ Radio.

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