PM reconfirms that borders will remain closed to international commercial flights and visitors

By: Chaïra Flanders

Prime Minister of St. Kitts and Nevis, Dr. Hon Timothy Harris has reconfirmed that the federation’s borders will continue to remain closed to international commercial flights and visitors so as to prevent and/or delay the possibility of importing any new cases of the Novel Coronavirus.

Dr. Harris said there a major concerns about the United States of America becoming a hotspot for COVID-19 with the large number of reported cases of infection in New York, in New Jersey and Florida.

He then shared advice for nationals seeking repatriation and explained that a process is in place for those entering the country at this time.

There is a procedure that has been established and is in practice, which must be followed if requests for entry are made.  Anyone entering our Country must go through a mandatory or a compulsory quarantine period up to a minimum – I stress, up to a minimum – of 14 days, after which they must be tested and, if found to be negative, they will be reintegrated in the community.  If they are found to be positive, they will have to be isolated until they are fully recovered as per World Health Organization’s guidelines”, he said.

He said during this difficult time, the primary focus is to protect our people as danger still lurks and asked all to remain vigilant.

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