PM Speaks out on BHS matter

(ZIZ News) — Prime Minister, The Rt. Hon. Dr. Denzil Douglas has added his voice to the calls for reason and rationality in the ongoing Basseterre High School saga.

Addressing the National Assembly on Friday last week, the Prime Minister, who is a medical doctor, said he understood the factors surrounding the situation at the school. He expressed absolute concern for the health and safety of the school’s staff and students.

Dr. Douglas went on to add that the availability of money will not be an issue in resolving any outstanding issues at the school.

“As a medical doctor myself, I clearly understand the issues that are at play at the Basseterre high school. Money must not be a limiting factor to get it right at the Basseterre High School In fact I have instructed my Financial Secretary to facilitate all justifiable requests for financial support related to the Basseterre high school . And this is because we have given our parents and guardians the assurance that we shall do our very best in providing learning opportunities to our students and to their children in an environment that is conducive to their health and also to that of the teachers,” he said.

The Prime Minister suggested that the situation at the Basseterre High School is being driven by a campaign of fear and orchestrated by persons wanting to “emotionally abuse” the public.

He made an impassioned call for the destructive crusade of terror surrounding the BHS to stop so that the school can “settle down.”

“And this fear is being fed by those who are motivated to engage in destructive emotional abuse of the public over this particular matter. I use this particular time in Parliament to ask those concerned to settle down and so instead of creating undue anxiety we must demonstrate care and compassion for our teachers, parents, students and their families and serve their best interest in every way that we can. Again I stress to all, let the school settle down,” he said.

Prime Minister Douglas gave a personal commitment that his government will do everything possible to ensure that the Basseterre High School’s reputation as a safe institution is restored.

“As a government we will do everything possible and reasonable to ensure that all stakeholders are confident that Basseterre High School reverts to indeed being a safe and stable school environment, maintaining its position as a leading education institution in our Federation. We give you our utter commitment that the necessary adjustments will be made in interest of the greater good,” he said.

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