Poinciana Theatre Productions to stage Street Plays on Friday

(ZIZ News) — Residents of and visitors to St. Kitts and Nevis will be treated to an evening of dramatic entertainment on Friday (May 22) when Poinciana Theatre Productions hosts an evening of street plays.

The event will commence at 8pm at the bottom of Victoria Road.

Director and Founder of Poinciana Theatre Productions Loughlin Tatem, stopped by ZIZ to share his expectations of Friday evening’s event.

“The plays are humorous. They’re short. As I said before, they should last about an hour and they should be fun. Poinciana Theatre Productions usually delivers its message in a very fun way,” he said.

Noting that the plays will focus on social issues, Tatem invited to entire community to witness the presentations.

“The target audience is, for all practical purposes, the general public. There’s something for everybody. There’s somebody for children, there’s something for parents, there’s something for people who have broad interest in everything. Our plays are usually theatre pieces that deal with social issues but they are addressed in a very humorous, very light-hearted yet serious way,” Tatem said.

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