Police Commisioner responds to article on SKNVibes

Police Commissioner

Police Commissioner C.G. Walwyn, in response to an article posted Thursday 11 April, 2013 at 4:06 PM on the SKNVibes website, titled: Harris concerned about his safety but refuses to live in fear Says no weapon formed against him shall prosper! Written By: Terresa McCall, SKNVibes.com, draws attention to statements allegedly made by Dr. Timothy Harris. The statement reads:

“I would want to draw attention to the Commissioner of Police to take serious note of the rhetoric of the Prime Minister and the consequences for orderly conduct of people, particularly as we draw nigh to an election. I would want to draw the attention of the Commissioner of Police to the fact that in his records at the police station have formally made clear that threats against my person, threats to do me harm have been made and they have been reported. I am aware that the very person about whom those threats were made had subsequent to those threats been issued with a firearm. So I am concerned.”

Commissioner Walwyn would like the public to know that the police force under his leadership has stayed above the fray and political contention and has placed country above self in the execution of their duties. Let it be known that the incident to which the Minister alludes, was investigated by an Assistant Commissioner of Police and handled in accordance with the wishes of Minister Harris, who chose not to press charges but have the individual sternly warned. That was done in accordance with Minister Harris’ wishes and was documented in the morning report. Minister Harris has never requested any police assistance from the office of the Commissioner of Police since that date and the police force is open to providing extra patrols in his area should he make the request.

With reference to the issuance of a firearm to the alleged offender subsequent to the threats made against him, Commissioner Walwyn stated “that is a gross misrepresentation of the truth.” Commissioner Walwyn further stated that “adults should not tell lies when it is expedient and the Minister should apologize to the police”. The alleged offender was issued a firearm permit on June 13th, 2006 which would be five (5) years before C.G. Walwyn was appointed Commissioner of Police. The police force of the Federation serves all residents without fear or favour or political affiliation, Commissioner Walwyn said.

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