Police Force Engages Community, Educates on Witness Protection Programme

(ZIZ News) — As the local Police Force continues to engage the community on areas where they can collaborate, Assistant Commissioner of Police for Crime, Ian Queeley, says witnesses do not have to be inconvenienced during trials, nor do they have to be fearful.

During Thursday night’s town hall at the Sandy Point Community Centre, Queeley said not all witnesses are required to be physically in court to give their testimonies.

“Persons can testify via video link. For example, if that person is in Canada, America, England, they can testify via video link and that has been passed into law. There’s some slight tweaking of the law which caused some hiccup the other day and that would be addressed. The Attorney General Chambers is in receipt of those recommendations and that can be sorted out” he said, adding that “Recommendations are also forwarded that persons can also testify anonymously. That is where we are going so that persons who are fearful of reprisals can do so with their identity hidden.”

Queeley also spoke of the Witness Protection Programme that ensures persons’ safety after witnessing a crime.

“We have, albeit not fully structured the way we would like it to, we have some measure of a Witness Protection Programme that is offered to persons for their testimony and so, the police can provide a measure of protection for persons who are fearful,” he said.

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