Police Force to Introduce GPS System

(ZIZ News) — The Police Force is set to introduce a GPS system to keep track of police vehicles.

According to Permanent Secretary in The Ministry of National Security, Osmond Petty, this step would help to track police vehicles for safety purposes and accountability.

He explained, “Fleet maintenance is critical. We want to ensure that our police vehicles are properly maintained but not only properly maintained, properly used and the use can be documented. And in due course, during this four year period, we will introduce a GPS system so that we can keep track of our police vehicles and how they are used in the field”.

Mr. Petty said this initiative, under the Administration, Resource, Technology & Intelligence Directorate, aims to ensure that the Police Force has all resources necessary to deal with unexpected technical circumstances.

“We have some support in this because there is a GPS system in the federation which we can model and so on. I want to say that the ART & I Directorate will provide the force with Research Methodology that have already been successfully used against gangs and recommends best practices including how we can use Technology Resources and Intelligence projects to apply to this gang problem,” he said.

“And so this Directorate, The ART & I Directorate is new, but is critical to the future proofing of the police force and where we are going”, Petty added.

Permanent Secretary Petty was the Chairperson who facilitated the meeting between Prime Minister Harris, Law Enforcement, and Government officials on Wednesday.

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