Police High Command praise positive change initiative for youth

(RSCNPF): Commissioner of Police Mr. Ian M. Queeley and the members of the High Command have expressed praise for a recently completed positive change initiative for youth.

Over the last few months hundreds of young students in the Federation were exposed to a behaviour change program dubbed “Stop N Think” presented by renowned international Social Skills Consultant, Dr. Neals Chitan.

The program provided the students with the tools to make positive decisions when facing daily life challenges. A principle objective was also to encourage the students to stay away from crime and other anti social behavior.

Commissioner of Police Mr. Ian M. Queeley said, “programs like these can go a long way to help our young people stay on the right path and become productive citizens, poor decision making has resulted in too many being exposed to the legal system.” He added, “I commend the Ministry of National Security for the initiative.”

Deputy Commissioner Brandy who attended the closing rally with other members of the High Command said,” from what I saw, it shows the students embraced the program. I encourage them to live the principles of “Stop N Think” on a daily basis.

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