Police investigating 2 fatal shootings just hours apart

(ZIZ News) — Investigations are underway into reports of a shooting incident in Sandy Point that left one person injured on Wednesday night.

According to reports, Vere Amory, alias “Money or Stiff Jacket” of Ponds Pasture Newtown was shot and killed just after 7 pm.

Meanwhile, just 9 hours after that incident, reports were made regarding another shooting incident in west Basseterre just hours later.

Police say another male was shot and killed in his home at St. Johnson’s village just after 4 am on Thursday.

The victim has been identified as Joel “Bouyaka” Phillip.

Persons with information regarding this incident are urged to contact the Violent Crime Unit by dialing 467-1887 or 467-1888, 662-3468 or by calling the crime hotline at 707.

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