Police Officer Discusses the Control & Licensing of Dogs Act

Basseterre, St. Kitts June 29, 2023 (ZIZ Newsroom): The Police are educating the general public on what the law says about owning dogs as pets or for commercial use in the Federation.

During ZIZ radio’s programme “Policing with You” on Thursday, Host of the programme, Inspector Shorna Edwards shared some information from the Dog Licenses and Control Act.

Inspector Shorna Edwards

She said according to the act, if a person wishes to own a dog 4 months or older they must apply for a license.

“Any person who is the owner of a dog that is four months old or over shall make an application to the licensing officer in such form as the Minister approves for the license to keep that dog, and the minister here means the Minister of Agriculture.”

She added that these licenses come with a cost for altered dogs (dogs that have been spayed or neutered), intact dogs (dogs that can reproduce) and dangerous dogs.

“The licensee for the intact dogs is $25, and for the altered dogs is $15.Now, we have some dogs that are classified as dangerous dogs. Now, those are different. The licensee for an intact dangerous dog is$100, and for an altered dangerous dog, it’s $50.And there’s also a license fee to operate a kennel. So, the persons who have 50 dogs for sale and those kinds of things, they have to pay a licensing kennel fee to operate, and that’s $150.”

Inspector Edwards went on to list the types of dogs that are classified as “dangerous dogs”, these include the American bulldog, Dog Argentino and the Pitbull Terrier.

“Policing with You” airs every Thursday on ZIZ radio at 9:30 am during the “Morning Show” with GCue.

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