Police officers thanked for service and encouraged to gear up for challenges of 2018

(SKNIS): Several members of the rank and file from Division ‘A’ and ‘B’ of the Royal St. Christopher and Nevis Police Force were reminded just how important their role is in ensuring a safe and peaceful society and challenged to stay committed to the job during the Police’s New Year Celebration Service held at the NEMA Conference Room on Thursday (January 04).

The guest remarks were delivered by Nick Menon, Executive Director of the TDC Group of Companies Ltd.

Mr. Menon reflected on 2017, and noted that a lot was said about policing and law enforcement in St. Kitts and Nevis and across the region. This was likely due to the security challenges last year, particularly those posed by gun-crimes.

“Yes we have our own peculiar issues and challenges, and yes the public demands answers when they feel insecure and unsafe,” he stated, noting that it was important for residents to understand what drives the issues. “To me, by attempting to do this, we underscore the importance of each and every one of you in this room today. From the most junior new recruit to the most senior officers here, you are the cornerstone of our communities, of our economy and of our nation. Without a motivated, high performing police force, we [will] descend into chaos and you provide that stability for us.”

Mr. Menon shared motivational tips to the men and women, designed to help them to serve their respective stations and communities better. These included fostering and maintaining positive attitudes, increasing self motivation and teamwork, enhancing physical fitness, and finding ways to relieve stress.

The executive director, who also serves as the chairman of the St. Kitts Tourism Authority, thanked the officers for a number of successes registered last month including keeping the peace during the Christmas and Carnival seasons, securing shoppers during the Reduced VAT Rate Day, safeguarding the influx of cruise and stay over visitors, and ensuring an incident free local elections process in Nevis.

“We thank you for your service,” Mr. Menon declared. He attributed the success of the events to the hard work, efficiency, teamwork and leadership of law enforcement.

“Be proud of your achievements together, learn from any challenges you encountered, and continue to improve at what you do,” he added.

A similar session for the officers of Division ‘C’ in Nevis was held on Wednesday (January 03) at the Charlestown Police Station. The guest speaker was Pearlievan Wilkin, a veteran educator.

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