Police Training Progressing Well Says David King

(ZIZ News) — David King, who has been in St. Kitts and Nevis as part of Bramshill Policing Advisors, has said that because the country’s crime problem did not develop overnight, it will not disappear immediately.

He said however, that great strides were being made to equip police officers with the necessary skills to improve their standard of work which could ultimately result in crime reduction.

“We’re getting there. It’s not going to be a quick process. There are a lot of people to train and a lot of areas to cover so, at the moment, we’re looking at homicide investigation, we look at interview training skills,” King said, adding that “In the future, we’re going to be looking at crime skills, we’re looking at first responders, how to deal with the initial approach to crime scene and other things that we identify as we go along.”

King said he and his team will also conduct training in management and leadership skills.

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