Policing with You on Obstruction

Basseterre, St. Kitts, February 10, 2020 (ZIZ News): On last week’s Thursday’s (February 6th) edition of Policing With You, host PRO within the Ministry of National Security Jacqueline Bryan was joined by Superintendent Cromwell Henry and Sargeant Derrell Boon to discuss the topic of obstruction.

Sergeant Boon first explained that obstruction is anything a person does to prevent police officers from executing their duties, he also added the consequences that will occur if someone commits this offence.

Superintendent Henry explained that there are other ways in which persons can commit this offence without realizing noting that persons who encourage another person to resist a police officer commit the offence.

Sergeant Boon added that persons who give warning of police speed checks are also committing obstruction.

Superintendent Henry stated that persons are not aware of some of the offenses within the Small Charges Act and the Police Force should make an effort to educate the public on aspects of the act to reduce the number of persons committing these offenses.

Policing with You airs every Thursday Morning at 9:15am on ZIZ radio during the Morning Show.

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