Powell Gives Advice To The Young Men Of Nevis

Sports Page—Tuesday 2nd July 2013–Kieran Powell is convinced that if the young men of Nevis would find time to major in the various forms of sports available to them; they would live healthier and more positive lives and not be caught up in the negatives that are so prevalent within the community.

The West Indies opening batsman was speaking on Monday 1st July, in an exclusive interview conducted by veteran journalist, Stevenson Manners. Manners had just made reference to the fact that Nevis had recorded its 8th murder for 2013, just the night before and asked Powell how he felt about what was going on in his usually serene island.

Powell also noted with obvious sadness, that a lot of the young men who have been gunned down are guys around his age (23) and most if not all of them would have played cricket or Football at some point and time.

‘Most of them would have had some degree of talent but it’s only for them to have placed their energies in the right direction,’ he noted. He used the opportunity to urge those who are yet alive to stay away from bad influences and to focus on developing in a sport of their choice. ‘I would recommend cricket, cause that’s my sport,’ he laughed.

Manners also quizzed him on several other issues which included;

How does it feel to walk these corridors again and give back to your alma mater?

Powell indicated that it was a great feeling to give back to his community and to the school that helped in a big way to mould him into the type of person that he has become

Tell us about your brand—the KP 23?

‘It’s something that my management team is working on—not totally finalized as yet but we are working on it.

What other initiatives you have in the pipeline?

‘In the next 6 to 12 months we are hoping to release certain products representing the ‘KP 23′ brand.’

The Kieran Powell foundation-what’s that?

‘I want to be able to give back to the community and so the Kieran Powell foundation intends to launch a select charity project each year and hopefully in the next 6 to 12 months you will hear more about this.’

And there is an Academy in the works?

‘It’s something that will offer mentoring, coaching and development for young persons. This will not only be offered to the people of Gingerland and Nevis as a whole but also to a wide cross section of the Caribbean. My management team is finalizing everything.’

Where can one find out more about Kieran Powell—is there an official website?

‘Yes you can find out more about me at management@officialkieranpowell.com ‘

You have been missing from the Windies team for the last couple of series. What’s been going on with Kieran Powell?

“Well, I fractured my finger and it was healed about a month ago but when I went back to training, I fractured it in another place. It’s been a tough time but I have been using my time wisely, working on stuff with my management team and now it’s time to get back to the cricket. I start training today.’

So you will be ready for the Antigua team in the CPL?

‘Definitely, am ready to go right now and if anything come up before that, am ready.’

Would you have a look at the young JLPS team on Thursday?

‘I will definitely alter my training schedule to have a look—maybe not for the whole game but hopefully when they are batting.’

What are some of the goals you have set yourself?

‘I have started to understand batsmanship and I want to make at least 15 test centuries and I am getting better at the one day game as well, so another 15 centuries would do me well—anything after that would be a bonus. I just plan to enjoy every game.’

What has family meant to you in keeping you grounded and moving forward?

‘Family means a lot to me. I would not have been where I am without my family. I don’t even think I was initially interested in Cricket. Track and field was my thing but with the encouragement of my father and mother and others who saw the potential in me, I have reached thus far.’

Manners wished the young batting star continued success and alerted him to the fact that Nevisians and West Indian fans will be following his continued career closely.

Powell was also quizzed about the possibility of his suiting up for Nevis in the upcoming Leeward match St.kitts v nevis which starts at the ET Willet Park on Friday but indicated that he would need to get the green light from his Physio. ‘I would like to play but I have to take some advice on it,’ he stated.

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