“Praise on the Pulse” to Celebrate 500th Show

DawnMills-1ZIZ News — ZIZ Radio’s gospel programme “Praise on the Pulse” is celebrating its 500th show on Wednesday night.

ZIZ caught up with the host of the show, Dawn Mills, who told us why she got into this business.

“And I thought it would be a wonderful idea to have a program that would more or less bring to the people some of the more urban contemporary music. It’s only in more recent times I’ve started putting a little Caribbean stuff because i just wanted to widen the knowledge of the audience that we have here in the Caribbean so that they could know what else was going on out there in the world in gospel,” she said.

Mills also explained what she had in store for her listening audience.

“Listeners can call in to answer questions or I might have other trivia or might have little games for them to do, maybe the fifth caller and so… And ZIZ has been very co-operative in helping me to get some wonderful, wonderful surprises and prizes and giveaways and i can tell you that we’ve got vouchers from KFC, we’ve got dinners for two, we’ve got top-ups from Digicel and we’ve got a tablet from lime and we’ve got most and many things and I think I’m going to have a wonderful time,” she said.

She also says the show has impacted many of her listeners.

“And I’ve had calls from people all over the world telling me they listen every Wednesday night. They might be going through some illness, some trials, some sickness, some tribulation and they find that this is a source of comfort, a source of inspiration, even a source of healing as they go through their different circumstances and situations,” she said.

Mills said in the near future she would like the show to go a whole night, but for now she is looking forward to the four-hour special on Wednesday.

“Praise on the Pulse” is also celebrating its 11th anniversary this year.

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