Premier Brantley Calls for a Culture of Responsible Citizenship

Basseterre, January 3, 2024 (Ziz Newsroom) — In an address to mark New Year’s Day 2024, the Premier thanked those persons who worked tirelessly throughout the past year to assist the growth of the nation.


He said citizens must work together to build a better nation.

“In the year ahead, I urge all who call St. Kitts and Nevis their home to commit themselves to building a culture of responsible citizenship, citizenship that is selfless, citizenship that is service-oriented, citizenship that is honest, trustworthy, and compassionate. We must never view our citizenship as a luxury item or status symbol. For all intents and purposes.

It should awaken within our means a deep desire to practice the contact sport of national engagement and national intervention. It should stir our national consciousness and national pride and inspire us to focus on the task of nation-building. As citizens of this country, we must understand and accept that we are yoked together and that only together, as one people with a shared destiny, can we create a better today and a greater tomorrow.”


Premier Brantley reflected on the work of the Nevis Island Administration for the year 2023 and spoke of the focus for 2024.

“We will concentrate on continuing our growth momentum by giving refocused attention to infrastructural development, providing opportunities for our youth, providing safety nets for our most vulnerable, and expanding agriculture. We will fine-tune our national trajectory by concentrating on areas of job creation while reforming and expanding our delivery of education and healthcare. We will take ownership of our development by creating an environment for local private-sector investment and public-private partnerships. In 2024, we will take urgent action to spur economic growth through investment diversification and increased agricultural production. We will wage a war on poverty and dependency and strengthen economic inclusion by creating greater opportunities for the growth of micro-enterprises and small businesses.”

The Premier announced that it is envisioned that in 2024 the number of international banks in Nevis will increase from 3 to 6.

He also noted that civil servants will receive a 5% salary and wage increase as has been promised.


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