Premier Of Nevis Urges Parents To Bond With Their Children

(ZIZ News) — Premier of Nevis and Senior Minister, The Hon. Vance Amory is urging parents to bond with their children to fix what he calls “The Broken Family”.

He made the statement as he wished the citizens of St. Kitts and Nevis a happy New Year in his New Year’s address.

Clearly, there is a nexus between the increase in crime and the abandonment of family values.
I urge you our parents, to strengthen and rekindle your bond with your children. Learn to discipline them. Learn to show them and teach them what is right and what is wrong. Tell them and show them that you have love and care for them. Expect and demand the very best from them. When necessary, be strict but counsel and discipline them.

Premier Amory reminded the public that instilling values is still a necessity.

Fellow citizens, courtesy, good manners and values are still useful and applicable today. Instil in your children respect for authority and the sanctity of life. By practicing these inexpensive yet precious qualities, your children, our children will fare well and lead successful lives in the future.

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