Press Release by Dr. Janice Daniel-Hodge, Leader of the NRP, on the Involvement of Mr. Spencer Brand in a Secret $120 Million CBI Hotel Development Project on Nevis.

My fellow citizens and residents, to those local and in the diaspora alike, I bring you warmest greetings from the Nevis Reformation Party.  

Based on recent revelations, the Nevis Reformation Party is forced to call for the resignation of Minister Spencer Brand. 

The people of Nevis woke up on Wednesday, June 28th, 2022, to the disturbing news that a member of the Brantley-led administration, is the owner of a $120 million CBI Hotel Development Project, here on Nevis. This revelation came for the first time to the ears of our people, via a press conference hosted by Dr. Timothy Harris, the Federation’s Finance Minister.

Minister in the Nevis Island Administration, Mr. Spencer Brand, as uncomfortable as he was, was forced to confirm his involvement in this Project.  Many have concluded, and I agree, that the smell of impropriety, greed, and corruption, pervades this project and the decisions surrounding it. The admission of his involvement, and the feeble attempt to put a case to the people of Nevis, fell woefully short of honesty and must be rejected as this is yet ANOTHER example of the propensity for impropriety that continues to plague the CCM administration and hampers the true growth of Nevis.

Instead of cautioning Mr. Brand, his fellow cabinet members, including the Honourable Premier, sought to promote this personal benefit of a sitting Minister. The facts are that for over a year the Minister requested was granted and accepted 220 shares from the Federal cabinet. All of this was forced from the mouth of Minister Brand, only after questions were raised by the Prime Minister; no amount of political gymnastics can erase those facts.

This attempt to withhold conflict of interest information and to hide it under the guise of a “come clean statement”, has not convinced the NRP and neither should it persuade you, my people.

The CCM government has not issued a statement on this matter and that speaks volumes of the intent of the Brantley administration. They will do as they like with our money and believe that they are above reproach, without responsibility, and without accountability to the people of Nevis. I say to you today, the deceit must stop! 

Today, July 1, 2022, the Nevis Reformation Party is calling on Minister Spencer Brand to resign his position as a Minister of the NIA, immediately. The people of Nevis deserve better, and we must defend Nevis and what we stand for! We do not stand for the ongoing deceit of this CCM administration and it is time for CCM to go!

Thank you and God bless the Federation of Saint Christopher and Nevis.




Dr. Janice Daniel-Hodge

Political Leader, Nevis Reformation Party & Candidate for Nevis 11.

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