Primary School Tournament Set To Bowl Off Thursday

SPORTS PAGE—Tuesday 25th June 2013–The annual Primary Schools tournament is set to bowl off on Thursday 27th June. Sports Coordinator within the Ministry of Education, Ms Michelle Sutton, has indicated that there will be no opening ceremony but that there will be an official closing ceremony.

Three matches will be played on the opening day:

At 10.30 am the Joycelyn Liburd Primary School takes on the Elizabeth Pemberton Primary school at the ET Willet Park.

At 1.00 pm defending champs Charlestown Primary engages ST.James Primary at the ET Willet Park

At 2.00 pm VOJN takes on St.Thomas’ primary on their home ground

However, there may well be a change to the two earlier matches as the Nevis and St.kitts under 19 teams are set to face off at the ET Willet Park on Thursday 27th June.

The full schedule of matches is as follows:

Fixture for TDC Primary Schools Cricket Tournament 2013


Date: Thursday June 27, 2013
Matches: JLPS vs EPPS ETWP 10:30am
CPS vs STJPS ETWP 1:00pm
VOJN vs STPS VOJN 2:00pm

Date: Friday June 28.
Matches: STPS vs STJPS VOJN 10:30pm
VOJN vs IWPS VOJN 1:00pm

Date: Monday July 1.
Matches: EPPS vs STJPS VOJN 10:30am
IWPS vs STPS ETWP 1:00pm
CPS vs VOJN VOJN 2:00pm

Date: Tuesday July 2.
Matches: IWPS vs CPS ETWP. 1:00pm
EPPS vs VOJN VOJN . 1:00pm

Date: Wednesday July 3.
Matches: STPS vs EPPS ETWP 1:00pm

Date: Thursday July 4.
Matches: JLPS vs STPS ETWP 10:30am
EPPS vs IWPS ETWP 2:00pm

Date: Friday July 5.
Matches: VOJN vs JLPS VOJN 10:30am
STPS vs CPS .ETWP? 1:00pm

Date: Monday July 8.
Matches: JLPS vs CPS .ETWP 1:00pm

Date: Tuesday July 9.
Matches: IWPS vs JLPS ETWP 10:30am

Date: Wednesday July 10.
Matches: JLPS vs STJPS VOJN 1:00pm
CPS vs EPPS. ETWP 2:00pm

***Closing Ceremony Thursday July 11, 2013 ***
10 am at the Elquemedo Tonito Willet Park

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