Prime Hotel & Condominiums to provide 150 jobs during construction, Farron Lawrence praises local design team

Basseterre, St. Kitts (CUOPM) – The economic spinoffs from the multi-million Prime Hotel & Condominiums are expected to have a tremendous impact on the people of St. Kitts and Nevis with an estimated a minimum of 150 direct jobs will be created during construction and a minimum of 100 during operation.

“We estimate direct foreign investment into St. Kitts and Nevis to the tune of approximately US$70 million from this project over a period of three to four years. This project will increase our hotel bed stock by almost 100,” said Mr. Farron Lawrence of SKN Homes and General Construction Administration at the ground breaking ceremony.

He pointed out that with the assistance of the Minister of Tourism, Sen. the Hon. Richard Skerritt, Prime Developments Ltd. has identified discussions have commenced with two major name brand hotel management firms in the United States with a view to placing an international brand on the hotel.

“Those discussions are on-going and we are quite optimistic that our efforts will bear fruit in this regard,” said Mr. Lawrence.

“From that day some 18 months ago when Dr. Sirous Motevassel, Mr. Abbas Fahim and myself stood on this land and discussed the possibilities. Up to today a lot have been accomplished. But today now marks the start of the other leg of the journey to take that which was conceptualized and placed on paper and putting it on the ground. We are confident that our talented, educated, trained and disciplined workforce here in St. Kitts and Nevis will not only get the job done, but will do so with distinction,” said Mr. Lawrence.

He said that the Project will consist of 10 detached buildings each approximately 30,000 square feet on approximately 7 acres of land.

“Nine (9) of the buildings will each comprise 32 1-bedroom condominium units and one building (the center building) will be a hotel comprising 32 rooms, retail shops, bars, restaurants, conference rooms, pools, gymnasium, and other facilities. The condo buildings on the immediate left and right of the hotel building will be managed under the hotel arrangement and thus make a total of 96 hotel rooms available,” said Mr. Lawrence.

He added that each condo unit will have a gross area of approximately 752 square feet. “There will be two elevators in each building and there will be ramps for the physically challenged on all ground floor levels. There will be approximately 400 parking spaces with some designated specifically for handicap parking.

According to Mr. Lawrence, each building will have 8 levels – 4 levels from the ground up, an indentation or what is sometimes referred to as a bench area then another 4 levels.

“So essentially the 8 – levels are split into 2 4-level sections. The distance from where we are here at just about the ground level, up to the road is approximately 60 – 70 feet. As a result, in terms of height, the buildings will end up being 2 levels above the road,” he said.

Mr. Lawrence also disclosed that the buildings are designed to generate a portion of their energy needs through the installation of photovoltaic panel systems. The design also accommodates daylight illumination and natural ventilation.

“The Project will consist of exterior gardens serviced by non-potable recycle water. Good use will be made of run offs and waste water, and retention ponds will be built on the property to capture and manage storm water run offs. A main sewage treatment plant with a backup system will be installed,” he said.

The buildings structure will be structural steel and concrete. The envelopes will consist of concrete, glass-curtain walls system and steel. The interior walls will consist of metal studs and gypsum board. The construction technique that will be employed is cast-in-place concrete and prefabricated materials.

With pride he introduced the local design team which is comprised of Project Architect, Rodney Wilson (Home Designs); Structural & Civil Engineer, Errol Douglas and Associates; Mechanical Designer-HVAC: Edmund Tross (Lowes Technical Services); Plumbing Designer: Elston Tuckett (Elmar Solar & Plumbing Services Ltd); Security and Safety Design: Krystal Electronic Technologies Ltd; Electrical Engineer: GECS (Global Engineering & Consultancy Services) and Land &Telecommunication: Letsom Dublin Jr. (Dublin’s Telecommunications Connections).

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