Prime Minister Douglas applauds Federation’s successful alternative economic activity

Beaumont Park Race Track

ZIZ News…April 7, 2010 – The Prime Minister, the Honourable Dr Denzil Douglas has praised the Federation’s economic transformation.

Speaking to ZIZ News the Prime Minister says the Federation has not been complacent but has looked ahead and realised that St Kitts and Nevis had to change from being a sugar based economy to one that placed an emphasis on tourism and the service industry.

According to Dr Douglas the creation of the Beaumont Park horse racing facility is testimony of how St Kitts and Nevis has dramatically and successfully changed its economic outlook. According to the Prime Minister:

“You would recall that where we are standing was a sugar cane field, so we closed the sugar industry and we needed to find alternative economic activity for our people and this facility was envisaged from the very beginning as one of the most important vehicles to which we would transform the national economy and transition out of sugar agriculture to services.”

The Prime Minister continued:

“This is a critical facility in support of that new thrust in the diversification of the national economy. You cannot have tourism; you cannot have a services economy without entertainment and sport. Sports tourism is one of the areas my Government has identified for continued improvement and development in St Kitts and Nevis.”

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