Prime Minister Douglas says PAM has Fabricated Reasons for Challenging Election Result

Prime Minister, the Hon. Dr Denzil Douglas (file photo)

ZIZ News…March 2, 2010 – The Prime Minister, the Honourable Dr Denzil Douglas has given his views on the decision made by the main opposition party, the People’s Action Movement (PAM) that they will now be challenging only one election result in the court. That is Constituency # 4 which is currently held by the Honourable Glenn Phillip, who defeated the PAM leader Mr Lindsay Grant, in the January 25th General Elections by 29 votes.

PAM had previously announced that besides Constituency # 4 they would also be challenging the election results in constituencies number one and two.

Speaking exclusively to ZIZ News the Prime Minister accused PAM of coming up with fabricated reasons for challenging the election result.

According to Prime Minister Douglas:

‘Well all along I thought the People’s Action Movement (PAM) had no case. PAM lost the election and PAM has been a very sour loser, and that is part of the problem. PAM went around this country telling a whole heap of lies, misleading people. PAM knew what the polls were saying, PAM would have done the same poll that I did and PAM knew it could not win the elections and these fabricated reasons for challenging the election results are nonsense. Lindsay Grant lost his seat because of corruption. The people of St Kitts and Nevis used what I believe what they saw on the tape when he negotiated a bride to take $1.7 Million (US Dollars) and selling our land, the people’s land at peppercorn prices in order to enrich himself – that is why he lost. It has nothing to do with all the nonsense he has been talking about. He lost because he was seen not to be fit to be Prime Minister and he lost because his party was not seen to be fit to govern this country – simple as that.”

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