Prime Minister Douglas thanks civil servants and Cabinet

PMDouglasAskThePML(ZIZ News) — While residents of St. Kitts continue to commend Prime Minister the Right hon. Dr. Denzil Douglas for his leadership and growth stimulation programmes, the Prime Minister says his public servants should also be lauded.

Recently, Dr. Douglas responded to a radio programme caller who said the nation’s leader has brought economic stability to St. Kitts-Nevis.

“The management of the economy definitely I should not take all of the credit. Credit should go of course to those who have worked assiduously to ensure that the financial situation in the country would have improved,” he explained, adding “I give credit, of course, to the Financial Secretary of the past and of the present, Mrs. Janet Harris and Mrs. Hilary Hazel and their various teams who worked very hard with them not only with the support of the IMF to put the programme in place, but who meticulously executed the programme which, to a large extent, became the first model home gown programme in recent history of the IMF that has been successful. In fact, none to date in the history of the IMF has been so successful.”

Civil servants who are employed in other departments were also praised. Dr. Douglas said their cooperation with the Ministry of Finance is welcomed.

“Of course, credit has to be given to the permanent secretaries in the other ministries and departments who not only adhered to the advice that had been given from the Ministry of Finance but who themselves were part of the execution team and implementation team. I want to give final credit of course to the Cabinet, my colleagues in the Cabinet, those who lent of their advice,” the Prime Minister said.

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