Prime Minister Harris Comments on Caribbean’s Fight Against HIV/AIDS

(ZIZ News) On Saturday, during a town hall meeting in Anguilla, St. Kitts and Nevis’ Prime Minister, Hon. Dr. Timothy Harris gave an update on the Caribbean’s fight against HIV/AIDS.

“Caribbean wise, we are doing relatively well in terms of the fight to defeat HIV/AIDS and the latest report is reflecting a reduction around the world of about 50 percent in the transmission of HIV from mother to child and there are reduction in several areas,” he said.

“We have to now continue to work and we have to ensure that treatment is available as it is affordable and so, from the global fund, we have been able to get considerable support to deal with the affordability of healthcare,” he added.

Dr. Harris sits in the CARICOM Cabinet as having responsibility for human resource development, health and HIV. He said the Caribbean leaders will continue to request ongoing support in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

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