Prime Minister Harris Confident in Police Force’s “Six Point Plan”

(ZIZ News) – Prime Minister, the Hon. Dr Timothy Harris says he is confident in the Police Force’s Six Point Plan of Action to reduce crime. He assured the public that given time, its results would be undeniable.

He made the comments during a press conference on Tuesday at Government Headquarters.

“Already, they are about 50 percent in terms of the number of firearms that they have retrieved out of illegal hands compared to last year. So that aspect of the plan we know is working and as you take more off the street, then you are reducing the incidents over time of those issues happening,” the Prime Minister said.

He also noted that the government has reached out to international partners to assist in removing guns off of the streets and the overall reduction of crime in the federation.

“The guns are not made here and we are saying that we need to have a discussion with the USA, with the British government and all those people who are in the production of guns because the guns produced elsewhere are entering into our jurisdictions and they need to help us in curbing that influx of firearms into our country and providing additional support,” he said.

The police launched their Six Point Plan to reduce crime earlier this year.

It includes components in training, community policing, and international partnerships.

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