Prime Minister Harris Encourages Nation to National Day of Prayer and Fasting

Prime Minister, Dr Hon. Timothy Harris encouraged all citizens and residents to participate in the national day of prayer and fasting on Monday.

He made the call while delivering an address to the nation on Sunday.

My government has designated the first Monday in September as a special day of Prayer, to set the tone for our 35th Independence anniversary, which is being commemorated this month under the theme: Love, Service, Patriotism and Pride, Independence 35.

During his address, Dr Harris also used the opportunity to remind the people of all the things our nation should be grateful for.

“All of us have something for which we should give God thanks. For example: spared lives, good health, the success of our businesses, peace with and between our families, these are all blessings from God. We can take note of the outstanding statistics which our country has recorded – the highest annual wage bill, the most business licenses issued in any year, and the largest number of jobs, workers and social security contributors ever in its history were recorded for the year ended 2017”.

Prime Minister Harris says his administration also recognizes the power of prayer and its outcomes. He said, “in turn, our consistent, fervent prayer for a better St. Kitts and Nevis empowers us in opening doors and creating opportunities through service and empowerment”.

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