Prime Minister Harris Featured in OECS Business Focus Magazine

The Federation’s Prime Minister, Hon. Dr. Timothy Harris, has been featured in an interview with the OECS Business Focus.

The online magazine with the slogan “The Magazine for Decision Makers”, looks at the organisation’s members, highlights within the economy, finance, technology, and tourism; and major moves across the region.

The August 5th issue reports Prime Minister Harris’ responses to a number of topical issues including his government’s plans within the first term in office, economic sustainability, the country’s Citizenship by Investment Program, the OECS Single Market and Economy, inter-island travel and the Caribbean Court of Justice.

When asked to outline “some of the major areas of focus” for his government during its first term, Dr. Harris said, “The government has begun working assiduously on some key areas that would further energize growth and development in St. Kitts and Nevis.”

He listed, among his priorities, plans to invest in alternative energy sources to reduce energy and production costs, making cost of living more affordable, fostering an environment that would promote job creation in the private sector, and broadening on investment in other sub sectors of tourism.

On the issue of unemployment among young people, Dr. Harris mentioned the People’s Employment Program (PEP) which he said provides “short term employment” but stressed that his administration is reviewing the program.

He said that review is to ensure that individuals have the requisite skills and opportunities to become self employed or are placed in permanent positions in the private sector.

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