Prime Minister Harris Pleased with Team Unity’s Positive Reviews

(ZIZ News) – According to Prime Minister, Dr. Hon. Timothy Harris when fairly judged, the government’s performance to date has had the commendation of people far and near.

Dr. Harris referred to the September 2015 Don Anderson Poll which indicated that the majority of citizens in the Federation are satisfied with the government’s work.

“As the leader, I must say I was heartened by the results of the Don Anderson Poll that notwithstanding the ray-ray that you hear in the political market place, convenient as those sounds may be, 68% of the population, when asked how Team Unity was doing they expressed satisfaction with our work,” he told listeners to Wednesday’s edition of “Working for You”.

The Prime Minister said this shows the country is paying attention and his government will continue to work hard.

“This is not a call for us to be complacent but rather a call for us to recognize that at the end of the day we are accountable to the people and that the people are looking on and taking notes,” Dr. Harris stated.

He continued, “Indeed, what was interesting from the poll that 84% of the people of St. Kitts and Nevis were aware of most of the policies of Team Unity and that is a significant number. So it’s not that citizens were unaware but more importantly being made aware of the policy initiatives. He fell in love with the things that we are doing.”

Don Anderson is a Caribbean political pollster who accurately predicted the outcome of the February 16th General Elections.

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