Prime Minister Harris Promises to Create Alternatives to a Life of Crime

SoftballTournament-5(ZIZ News) – Prime Minister and Minister Responsible for National Security, Dr. Hon. Timothy Harris has promised criminals and persons who are considering joining gangs that his government will create opportunities for everyone.

In a statement on ZIZ Radio on Monday, Prime Minister Harris said under the Team Unity-led administration, persons can have a “fresh start” on life.

“St. Kitts and Nevis is yours. There are opportunities available here for you to steer on a different path. My government has promised that all will have a fair share of the nation’s prosperity. We are committed to that. You have an opportunity for a fresh start, to replace your frustrations and anger with peace, with love and hope, real hope for a better tomorrow for you and your family under this new team unity government,” he said.

As the nation’s leader offered words of condolence to the family of a murdered teen-aged male, he appealed to perpetrators to rethink their actions.

“To our young men who are committing these crimes, I say to you that there is a better way, a better life path that you can choose. We all have choices but choices of course have consequences. I say to you the moist youthful among us, who make up the largest percentage of our prison population, you who choose to take life that you did not give life and so, it is not yours to take. Instead, you must value life, you must find other means to settle your disputes. If you are involved or thinking about getting involved in gang activity, in criminal pursuits, I say to you now stop, think again.”

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