Prime Minister Harris Promotes Regional Integration

(ZIZ News) – Prime Minister, Dr. the Hon. Timothy Harris used the opening of the 62nd OECS Authority Meeting, on Wednesday, to give support to the regional integration movement in the O.E.C.S. and CARICOM.

During an address he said, “Today, I come as a friend of the efforts of regional integration, to defend those efforts at deepening and broadening efforts of integration,” adding, “We are better when we work together and indeed in my recent political life where I would have joined others and crossed the boundaries of political tribalism to bring the best of talents in the political sphere, to build and deliver a prosperity agenda for the citizens of St. Kitts and Nevis, I am convinced we are better together.”

Dr. Harris, in his first presentation to the O.E.C.S. Authority as Prime Minister, said the entire sub-region stands to benefit from closer cooperation.

“The efforts at functional cooperation at the sub-regional level for example, have brought net benefits to all of us. Whether it is being able to rely on the civil aviation facilities which are coordinated at the O.E.C.S. level, or the strides we have been able to make in the reform of our education sector or the cooperation in health which has had significant savings for our health budgets for those who are participating countries, or even for the element of security in which we collaborate with Barbados, functional cooperation, has brought great benefits to the people of the sub-region,” the Prime Minister said.

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