Prime Minister Harris Recognises Seniors in Constituency 7

(ZIZ News) – The official observance of the Month of Older Persons wrapped up on Friday but on Monday morning, the department responsible for senior citizens on St. Kitts were still engaging the elderly.

“It is a project that forms part of that whole series of the month of activities, focusing on giving recognition to the oldest residents in each of the communities within St. Kitts,” said Senator, the Hon. Wendy Phipps who led the way for Monday morning’s extension to the Ministry of Social Services’ Longevity Awards.

Minister Phipps, together with Ann Wigley and other representatives of the department responsible for seniors, and Prime Minister, the Hon. Dr. Timothy Harris recognised two residents for their years of service to the country.

At the first stop, Dr. Harris, who is that area’s Parliamentary Representative, clarified the need to recognise the island’s seniors.

He said, “We have come basically to thank you for your many years of productive contribution to this country that you love and to let you know as we have been celebrating the month of the seniors that we value your contribution and we want you to know that you will always be in our prayers and we have very fond memory of your contribution.”

The two seniors recognised were 84-year-old Samuel Davis of Mansion and 91-year-old Viola Lewis of Molineaux, who were elated to receive appreciative plaques and gift baskets.

While visiting Lewis at her home, Dr. Harris recognised the commitment of Lewis’ daughter and other caretakers.

“Mary, we hope that God will bless you abundantly for your patience, your kindness, for your loving support to your mother. I am sure Miss Lewis will also want me to remember Kadie, my good friend, who also keeps a very watchful eye. But we want to thank all of the family members who would help from time to time in ensuring that in her elderly and advanced years, Viola can have the love and comfort of her children and loved ones,” he said.

In its 2015-2020 manifesto, the tripartite coalition Team Unity, promised to design programmes that would benefit seniors. Among them were to establish and upgrade purpose-built facilities with medical professionals in the field of geriatric medicine and provide complimentary transportation to the elderly who must receive health care.

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