Prime Minister Harris Says His Administration Takes a No Nonsense Approach to Crime Fighting

TimothyHarris-7(ZIZ News) – Prime Minister, Dr. Hon. Timothy Harris delivered an address to the Nation, on Monday, in which he offered condolences following a murder on Sunday night which left a St. Paul’s youngster dead.

While information surrounding the killing is still unclear, Prime Minister Harris told ZIZ Radio’s listeners that he will take a no nonsense approach to the security of the Nation’s people.

He said, “We want the perpetrators of these cold and cowardly acts to know that the long arm of the law will eventually catch up with them. Let me be clear as the Prime Minister of this beautiful country, just so that the criminals will know, that we expect the law agents to find them wherever they are and that they will be prosecuted and be taken off of our streets.”

Dr. Harris made it clear that the Nation’s streets do not belong to criminals, rather, they belong to law abiding citizens.

“The number one priority of this new Team Unity government is the safety of our people and the security of our beloved Nation. Let there be no mistake about that. My administration will, at all times, have a zero tolerance policy towards crime, period. Crime helps no one and it harms everyone. Among other things, crime destabilises neighbourhoods, it hurts our families and communities, it erodes our attractiveness as a place where people invest and create jobs and it damages our reputation as a beautiful country of kind, friendly and warm people,” the Prime Minister noted.

He said crime will also hurt criminals as under his administration, there will be no comfort for security deviants. He said his administration will be strong, resolute and relentless.

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