Prime Minister Harris Slams SKNLP for Approach to Sir Robert’s Centennial

(ZIZ News) – Prime Minister, Dr. the Hon. Timothy Harris has slammed the opposing St. Kitts-Nevis Labour Party for its approach to celebrating the 100th birthday of the Right Excellent Sir Robert Bradshaw.

Speaking during his monthly press conference, the Prime Minister said, “What we’re having now is people looking for political attention and want to rise on the grave of a dead man. They shouldn’t be doing it. That is what this is about.”

Dr. Harris said the SKNLP “had lost relevance” and its leader had “been shunned and rejected by the people.”

“Seeking to build on the back of Robert Bradshaw to find relevance in 2016. Before now, you had not talk about that. It would be interesting to hear what they were saying. You think they just wake up this year and find out it’s 100 years?” the Prime Minister lamented.

Dr. Harris said while he is not opposed to the year-long celebration dubbed “Sir Robert’s Centennial”, he thinks the organisers should have engaged the government and the nation by extension, in light of Sir Robert’s status as a National Hero.

He said, “We are supportive of honouring and remembering all of our National Heroes, 100 years, 20 years, in a sense the time frame doesn’t matter once we have a culture of honouring the due contribution.”

“We are not going to engage in specifics because certainly, nothing is properly before the Cabinet as far as I am aware. I know they may have written but the Cabinet has not had a chance to look at this and it is part again of the way in which people want to politicize what should be National Hero. Well a National Hero can’t be politicised or else you are losing the appeal for national support,” the Prime Minister added.

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